Meet the Sacis

Or should we call them ninjas?  Nah, everybody else does that already...


Shikhin Sethi

Shikhin Sethi is a systems hacker with a keen interest in using low-level knowledge for exploits. Shikhin writes an article series on the x86 architecture and nifty tricks surrounding it for the International Journal of PoC||GTFO. A student in India, Shikhin is also interested in operating system design and creating standard components for a secure OS.


Sergey Bratus

Sergey Bratus is a Research Associate Professor at Dartmouth College. He enjoys finding weird properties of common programming models and protocols.


Travis Goodspeed

Travis Goodspeed is a Southern Appalachian neighbor with a bit of an obsession for the MSP430 microcontroller. 


Sergey Shekyam

Sergey Shekyan is a Principal Engineer at Shape Security, where he is focused on the development of the new generation web security product. Prior to Shape Security, he spent 4 years at Qualys developing their on demand web application vulnerability scanning service. Sergey presented research at security conferences around the world, covering various information security topics. Sergey has spoken at BlackHat USA, HITB Amsterdam, PHDays, H2HC, and other security conferences.


Alex Matrosov

Alexander has more than ten years of experience with malware analysis, reverse engineering and advanced exploitation techniques. Currently working at Intel as Senior Security REsearcher. In previous four years he worked at ESET as Senior Malware Researcher and Security Intelligence Team Lead. His experience on security research field since from 2003 for major Russian companies. He is also a Lecturer at Cryptology and Discrete Mathematics department of National Research Nuclear University in Moscow, and co-author of the research papers “Stuxnet Under the Microscope” and “The Evolution of TDL: Conquering x64” and is frequently invited to speak at security conferences (REcon, Ekoparty, CONFidence, ZeroNights, PHDays ...). Nowadays he specializes in the comprehensive analysis of complex threats, modern vectors of exploitation and hardware security research.