Evil Saci Low.png


What the heck is a Saci?

The Saci is the best known character of the Brazilian folklore, most often depicted as an one-legged guy wearing a red magic cap. He's a tricky sneaky smart guy, considered an incorrigible prankster by some or a evil creature by others. Does it ring any bells? Yes, we thought the same thing! So conference speakers will be honored with a Saci badge (because in Saci's fight every kick is a flying kick :-)

We enjoyed so much using our regional folklore for naming the conference that we decided to do the same thing for everybody else \o/ The Curupira, a red-haired youngster with feet turned backwards, protects the forest from unscrupulous hunters. He confuses his enemies with footprints that take them nowhere. All conference participants will be identified by a Curupira badge.

Last but no least, there's the Cuca! An old horrible woman often depicted in Brazil as an alligator shaped creature. She's the annoying lady who eats children who disobey their parents. So our friendly staff, who will be working hard for keeping everything on track, will get Cuca badges (but don't worry, they won't eat you :-)