// Alex Matrosov

// HexRaysCodeXplorer: object oriented RE for fun and profit 

HexRaysCodeXplorer - Hex-Rays Decompiler plugin for easier code navigation. Here are the main features of the plugin: 

  • Automatic type REconstruction for C++ objects.
  • C-tree graph visualization - a special tree-like structure representing a decompiled routine in c_itemt terms. Useful feature for understanding how the decompiler works. 
  • Navigation through virtual function calls in HexRays Pseudocode window. 
  • Object Explorer - useful interface for navigation through virtual tables (VTBL) structures.

In this presentation, the authors of HexRaysCodeXplorer will be discussing main functionality of the plugin and its application for reverse engineering. The authors will be presenting the algorithm for C++ type REconstruction. Also a special version of HexRaysCodeXplorer (H2HC edition) will be released with new features developed specially for H2Cconference. New features will be committed to GitHub from the stage