Sacicon's concept is pretty straightforward: top-notch research delivered directly to skilled technicians who know exactly what to do with that. Period. 

Zero commercial presentations, zero second hand research, zero bullshit. You won't even see those vendor financed presentations disguised as "research". 

But life also has to be fun, right? So the conference starts on Oct/18th with a massive party. Worried about the next day? You shouldn't be! Presentations only start at 11:00 AM and Brazilian-style hangover brunch will be waiting for you. 

Last edition was totally packed, with top speakers and attendees from around the world,  Brazilian food, great music and lots of good drinks! So we look forward to having you this year!


Nice to meet you, we are organizing Sacicon with a little help from our friends. We are a São Paulo based company focused on knowledge transfer among great minds. 

About H2HC

H2HC (Hacker to Hackers Conference) is the oldest hacking conference in Latin America, organized by Rodrigo Rubira Branco and Filipe Balestra .

Sacicon happens two days before H2HC, so heads up!

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